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Tech issues from simple repair to small business network setups are all in our field of expertise! With years of experience and on-hands training, your tech needs will be satisfied. Our specialization is in Cyber Security and we will surely show you why.

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Do you ever have trouble at home with your computer or smart devices? Reach out to us, here at Kegaly Computers, for help on the homefront!

Small Business Services

Need assistance setting up or managing your local network? In practice, our special technical experience will surely save you time and money.

Cyber Security Solutions

Specializing on the "Cyber" front focusing on modern-day practices, we can assure you a better peace of mind. Scans, testing, and other services are availiable.

Custom Orders and Builds

Need a new PC built or perhaps a shiny new server? Give us a shout for any and all of your build needs. We promise our pricing will beat the rest.

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Cloudflare DNS Service

A fast, new, "privacy-first", service for consumers

  • 04-01-2018 (5:40 PM CST)
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What is DNS?

DNS is known as the “Domain Name System”, its like the librarian at a library. For example, you can submit your book request (search the internet) and the Liberian (DNS) will check to see if it is available (resolve the address), if so they will provide you with the exact location of the book (routing to site) and it will be super easy to locate (connected!). Moving past the librarian analogy, the most common DNS connection has to be that of “Google” with their iconic quad eight (, most commonly used and known to most techies...

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