I.T At Home

Software Managment


This service consists of any software installation or removal needs, so that you can have things working the way they were meant to be.

Hardware Management

$25/hr + Parts

Is it time to upgrade your disk space or perhaps fix a broken part? We can gladly help improve your PC and cleanly install the new parts.

PC Cleanup & Restoration

$25/hr + Parts

Is your PC running slowly, perhaps it could use a good data cleanse and or a some new parts to save on having to buy a new computer.

Data Backups and Solutions

$25/hr + Parts

Do you have countless memories stored on your PC? Pictures, videos, important documents and all the rest? Let us backup your data and give you peace of mind!


Network Configuration

$30/hr + Parts

Do you have a small business and wish to simplify your infrastructure or simply setup a system for all your technical needs? Let us know!

Wireless Setup & Optimization

$30/hr + Parts

Do you have a consistent and fast wireless internet connection? If you are looking to expand, re-work, or optimize, we can do it!

Infrastructure Health Check


Have you taken the time to inspect all your equipment recently? We will check the overall health and give you a detailed report.

Server Setup & Installation


Need a new server on your network for various needs? We will go through the nitty gritty and get your new environment up and running!


Security Software Setup


Install some security software of our recommendation to further secure and lockdown your environment from potential bad actors!

Network Vulnerability Scan


When is the last time you scanned your entire network to see what systems pose a threat? Let us confidentially take care of this for you!

Firewall Integration


Are you looking to lower the likelihood of being hacked? A firewall is your first line of defense! Let us install and setup one to secure it all

Social Engineering Test


Have you ever tested your employees to see if they are susceptible to a social engineering attack? Allow us to find out for you!

Custom Orders & Builds

Build A PC

$150 + Parts + Shipping

Have you ever wanted a custom dream PC? We can build it for you and provide you an estimate of final specs and cost.

Build A Server

$200 + Parts + Shipping

Do you need a custom spec server for a special task or use? Let us know the requirements and we will get you just what you ask for!

Merchandise T-Shirts


Order a "Kegaly Computers" t-shirt to show your support for our company and you will get a limited-edition shirt for your generosity!


Custom Order Request

Variable Pricing

Do you have a custom order for us that does not fall in a category above? Email our support address for help and we can work out the details.

Virtual Private Servers

Bronze VPS


    1 Core Processor

Silver VPS


    2 Core Processor

Gold VPS


    2 Core Processor

Diamond VPS


    4 Core Processor